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Self is an upcoming health app informed by disability and queer theory. Self helps people understand their bodies, even all the bits that are special to them, through taking notes in a way that they can learn from. It helps create experiments where people can tell whether it is the sun or the experiment making them happy.

To launch the app, Self needed a visual identity that reflected its fun and experimental concepts, looking for playful and curious elements within the body and moving the idea of health away from austere medical imagery. The dynamic visual language, with fun images, bold colors, and a unique logo successfully communicate the joy that can be found during the process of trying to discover and learn about our own bodies.

Madu Milano

Madu is an upcoming swimwear and essentials brand for women by women, born in Italy, designed in Spain, and made fairly in Portugal. To launch the company and bring it to life, Madu needed a visual identity that communicated its main values: classic simplicity, modern femininity, and timelessness. The last step of the project was to do the art direction for a sneak peek shoot of the first collection and create a video reel for social media. 

Project in collaboration with Jana T. Calvo
Photography by  Jorgelina Zabert
Swimwear design by Morgane Dixneuf + Jorgelina Zabert

I’m Home, I’m Working.

Essays on Home, Labor, Leisure,
and Rest as Resistance

18 x 24 cm format book of essays conceptualized, researched, and designed with Carissa Díaz Alemán and Cristina Florez-Estrada as part of the Masters in Editorial Design 2021 at Elisava.

The distance between labor time and leisure time, the demarcation between the spaces of the home and the office, between the public and the private are blurred, often impossible to distinguish. Work is now transportable under a sociopolitical system that values us solely when we produce, so every crevice of the home is converted into a potential office. Even sleep, rest, and leisure have been transformed. We rest so that we may recommence work refreshed, energise, in the optimum state for productivity. But this rest has become commodified too; it is a luxury product we must work hard to afford.

I’m Home, I’m Working collects essays and artwork that reflect on how labor and capitalist logic have infiltrated and restructured our relationships with our homes. Finally, it proposes the idea of rest as one of the many acts we must perform collectively to resist and dismantle an inherently exploitative system.

Special thanks to Pol Pérez, our tutor for this project.


Fury. Not There Yet.

Internationalist and intersectional feminist magazine designed with Leyre Medina Yuste as part of the Masters in Editorial Design 2021 at Elisava.

Fury is a publication that visibilizes the vast inequalities that exist between men and women globally from an intersectional feminist lens. It disseminates historical knowledge about feminist struggles of the past and acts as a space where women can share their stories and experiences as people who constantly interact with a patriarchal world mediated by the gender binary in the present.

The publication looks back on the legacy of women-led sociopolitical movements, to which many of us owe the rights we have today, while reflecting on all the work we have left to do to achieve equality for people of all genders.

Our first issue, Women and Law, delves into how women before us fought for the right to vote and how we continue to fight against laws that control our bodies and limit our lives. We then focus on the topic of abortion laws, sharing stories that highlight the importance of making abortion accessible for all.

Our second issue, Women at Work, focuses on how women before us fought for the right to have their labor be recognized and remunerated, and how we continue to fight against laws and cultural norms that limit what we are able to do with our lives. Finally, we focus on the rights of sex workers, whose perennial struggle for protection we must collectively assume.
Our third issue, Women with/out Stereotypes, focuses on how women before us have put their lives on the line to fight for our right to express and present ourselves freely, and how we continue to resist white supremacist, colonial, cisheteropatriarchal norms that control our bodies and limit our lives. Here, we focus on beauty standards and the ways in which women are taught to mold themselves to fit into the stereotypes of the ideal woman.

Special thanks to Albert Romagosa, our tutor for this project.


Working towards a better quality of life in cities

Editorial platform and online archive conceptualized, researched, and designed with Laura Beneyto as part of the Masters in Editorial Design 2021 at Elisava. It was awarded the LAUS Bronce in 2022 in the Graphic Design category. 

Panot is an editorial platform and an archive of projects and initiatives which work towards a better quality of life in cities. It collects what aims to make a difference on how humans interact with urban spaces as well as discussing what it takes to make them accessible, affordable, and amicable. It is a space for debate and collaboration that strives to offer quality content about what it takes to live in a city nowadays.

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Special thanks to Camilo Roa and Javier Pereda, our tutors for this project.